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Drive Growth with Xillo's Global Advisory Council

Embrace global governance excellence by partnering with Xillo. We offer the unique opportunity to invite members from Xillo’s advisory council to your board of directors. With our diverse, experienced, and highly skilled council, you can shape a board that drives growth, fosters innovation, and sets new standards for success.

The Best Board is Just a Click Away

In today’s interconnected and complex world, the strategic composition of your board is paramount.
Unique perspectives that bring fresh insights.
Cutting-edge abilities to navigate contemporary challenges.
A comprehensive range of know-how to steer through various industry landscapes.

Benchmarking & Governance Intel

Compare Diversity Policies & Progress

Assess how your policies and progress measure against those of your peers and competitors. Empower your organisation to lead the way in diversity and inclusion.

Board Evaluations & Peer Assessments

Assess Board & Director Effectiveness

Elevate board performance with our tailored assessments, focusing on board refreshment and succession planning. Incorporate actionable insights into your strategic plans for a more robust governance framework.

Standard & Benchmarking to Stay Ahead on ESG

Map Across Standards

Avoid unnecessary duplication by benchmarking your ESG program across multiple standards, including WEF, TCFD, CDP, GRI, and SASB. Keep pace with evolving global standards and enhance stakeholder confidence.

The Xillo Advantage

Join hands with Xillo’s Global Executive Advisory Council and experience transformative governance that can elevate your business to new heights. Through our flexible and balanced approach, we empower your company to build a more effective, diverse, and innovative board. Make the smart choice – choose Xillo.

Efficient Investment in Expertise

By leveraging Xillo’s Board Advisory service, your company gains access to world-class governance expertise for only a 0.3% of turnover fee. This cost-effective partnership not only enhances your board’s performance but also aligns with your budgetary needs, ensuring maximum value. By entrusting your board’s enhancement to Xillo, you’re investing in a tailored approach that taps into global best practices, curated insights, and cutting-edge strategies.

Expertise and Diversity: Unleash Potential

Embrace the power of diverse perspectives and unparalleled know-how by tapping into our seasoned professionals. Our advisors come from various fields and cultures, enabling them to contribute innovative solutions and fresh insights. By leveraging Xillo’s diverse talent pool, your company can accelerate growth, foster innovation, and navigate complex challenges with confidence.

Global Reach: Expand Your Horizons

With Xillo’s Global Executive Advisory Council, you’re not confined to local or regional boundaries. Our global network of experienced professionals provides your company with access to best practices, emerging trends, and novel strategies from around the world. Extend your influence and capabilities with a tailored approach that resonates with international markets and audiences. Engage with Xillo, and let us help you turn global insights into local successes.

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