TDI® for Adults

TDI® for adults holds significant value. Adulthood, encompassing ages 25 and beyond, spans middle age and old age. By this stage, an individual has traversed at least 30% of their lifespan. Adulthood heralds a multitude of responsibilities and opportunities, demanding a heightened sense of accountability for one’s decisions.
Maximizing Adult Potential

The TDI® Test becomes instrumental in equipping adults to embrace and conquer forthcoming milestones by leveraging their innate traits.

During adulthood, the brain’s white matter develops, fostering goal-oriented and socially adept behaviour. As such, the TDI® Test addresses two pivotal aspects: the professional and the personal, aiding individuals in navigating both spheres effectively.

Discover and leverage key strengths effectively.

Understand and mitigate limitations confidently.

Find environments that complement your personal traits.

Cultivate both analytical and creative faculties.

Understand how your characteristics impact you and those around you.

Get ready to scientifically map yourself!

TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)®

Take the world’s most-advanced Career Assessment Test and Discover Your Full Potential Today!
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TDI® Assessment

R 1,756 . each
  • Introduction
  • Personality
  • Communication Style
  • Learning Style
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Extra Curricular
  • Career Options
  • Summary
TDI® assesses strengths and careers for informed choices.
TDI® assessment choices

We offer options for everyone.

TDI® for Children

Unlocking potential and guiding educational paths for ages 10 to 12 based on unique strengths and learning styles.

TDI® for Teenagers

Unveiling innate strengths and learning styles to empower informed career decisions during the pivotal high school years.

TDI® for Corporates

Unlocking insights into employees’ innate traits to optimize team dynamics and enhance human resource strategies within a company.

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