TDI® for Corporates


The Xillo TDI® test holds considerable importance not only for self-understanding but also in comprehending others and their circumstances. Its popularity stems from its application in self-exploration of consciousness and interpersonal dynamics, making it a widely embraced choice for individuals of all ages.

In today’s world, organisations across diverse industries increasingly recognise the value of administering the TDI® test to their employees. Understanding innate characteristics helps in pinpointing an employee’s strengths, thereby guiding placement within suitable departments. The test’s accessibility online has contributed to its current trendiness, providing instant and accurate results while minimising the likelihood of human error. Detailed descriptions aid the examinee in comprehending their results effectively.

Research indicates that 60% of employees express dissatisfaction with their current roles, with a staggering 80% contemplating a job change. Furthermore, another study highlights that 91% of workers lack psychological investment in their work, causing concern for companies. Hence, the TDI® test has emerged as a highly sought-after assessment in the corporate realm, offering invaluable insights utilised for human resource development and effective management.

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TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)®

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TDI® Assement

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  • Introduction
  • Personality
  • Communication Style
  • Learning Style
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Extra Curricular
  • Career Options
  • Summary
TDI® assesses strengths and careers for informed choices.
TDI® assessment choices

We offer options for everyone.

TDI® for Children

Unlocking potential and guiding educational paths for ages 10 to 12 based on unique strengths and learning styles.

TDI® for Teenagers

Unveiling innate strengths and learning styles to empower informed career decisions during the pivotal high school years.

TDI® for Adults

Empowering self-awareness and guiding decisions through innate traits, aiding personal and professional growth in adulthood.

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