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TDI® for Schools

Enhance Career Guidance with top-tier platforms, assessments, and resources for comprehensive career support.

Better Career Guidance

The Xillo TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® is an invaluable tool for schools, offering a range of benefits that enhance the educational experience for both students and educators. By providing data-driven insights into students’ strengths, interests, and ideal career paths, Xillo TDI enables schools to deliver personalised and accurate career guidance. This leads to improved student outcomes as learners make informed decisions about their education and future careers based on their unique learning styles and personality traits.

Partnering with Xillo means schools receive ongoing support and training to effectively integrate the TDI Assessment into their curriculum. Moreover, the comprehensive career management tools provided by TDI help students set and achieve their goals, adapting to changing interests and market demands throughout their educational journey.

Supporting the Complete

Careers Journey

Partnering with Schools

Xillo collaborates closely with schools to integrate the TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® into their curriculum, providing ongoing support and training for educators to effectively utilise the insights gained from the assessment.

Career Management

The TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® offers continuous career management tools, helping students track their progress, set achievable goals, and adapt to changing interests and market demands throughout their educational journey.

Meeting Requirements

Aligning with with educational standards and requirements, helping schools meet necessary criteria for student development programs, career readiness initiatives, and holistic education approaches.

Enhanced Career Guidance

Xillo TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® provides data-driven insights into students' strengths, interests, and ideal career paths, allowing schools to offer more accurate and personailised career guidance.

Improved Student Outcomes

By understanding their unique learning styles and personality traits, students can make informed decisions about their education and career, leading to better academic performance and higher overall satisfaction.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Schools can better allocate resources and support services by identifying students' specific needs and areas for development, ensuring every student receives the appropriate guidance and assistance for their journey.

TDI® assessment choices

We offer options for everyone.

TDI® for Teenagers
Unveiling innate strengths and learning styles to empower informed career decisions during the pivotal high school years.
TDI® for Adults
Empowering self-awareness and guiding decisions through innate traits, aiding personal and professional growth in adulthood.

TDI® for Corporates

Unlocking insights into employees’ innate traits to optimize team dynamics and enhance human resource strategies within a company.

Get ready to scientifically map yourself!

TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)®

Take the world’s most-advanced Career Assessment Test and Discover Your Full Potential Today!

Making Better Choices

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TDI® Assessment

43-Page Assessment
R 1756 or 4 Easy Installments of R439 each
  • Introduction
  • Personality
  • Communication Style
  • Learning Style
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Extra Curricular
  • Career Options

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