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Education and academic development play a pivotal role in shaping one’s life. It’s during this phase that individuals prepare for their careers while experiencing personal growth. Among the defining chapters in a student’s journey, the high school years, particularly grades 8 to 9, mark a significant turning point. This period witnesses the gradual onset of cognitive maturity and concurrent biological development, making it a pivotal phase in a student’s life.

This critical juncture prompts many students and their concerned parents to seek personality assessments and career counselling. Decisions made during these formative years have lifelong implications. Therefore, it’s prudent for students in grades 8 to 9, to consider TDI® Tests. These assessments aid in effective career mapping based on their inherent strengths, traits, and learning styles.

Supporting the Complete

Careers Journey

Subject Selection

From 10th grade onwards, students face crucial subject choices that influence their future academic trajectories. Xillo TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® helps students make informed decisions by identifying their strengths and interests, ensuring they select subjects that align with their true potential and career goals.

Overcoming Peer Pressure

Without proper guidance, students might be swayed by peer pressure and veer onto unsuitable career paths, leading to dissatisfaction and stress. Xillo TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® provides objective insights that empower students to follow their own path, confident in their choices.

Enhancing Academic Performance

Success in the Matric exams often hinges on the conceptual clarity gained during the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. Xillo TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® supports academic performance by highlighting areas for improvement and offering tailored strategies to boost understanding and results.

Managing Extracurricular Activities

Balancing academics, extra classes, social life, and extracurricular interests can be overwhelming. Xillo TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® helps students manage their time effectively by understanding their unique learning styles and providing strategies to harmonise their various commitments.

Stream Selection Post-Matric

After the Matric exams, students must choose streams and subjects that lay the groundwork for future college pursuits. Xillo TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® guides students in selecting the right stream by providing insights into their aptitudes and long-term career aspirations, ensuring they make choices that set them up for success.

Career Path Clarity

Xillo TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® not only helps in academic planning but also offers a clear vision of potential career paths. By understanding their personality traits and strengths, students can explore and pursue careers that they are naturally suited for, reducing the likelihood of future career dissatisfaction and ensuring a fulfilling professional journey.

TDI® assessment choices

We offer options for everyone.

TDI® for Children

Unlocking potential and guiding educational paths for ages 10 to 12 based on unique strengths and learning styles.
TDI® for Adults
Empowering self-awareness and guiding decisions through innate traits, aiding personal and professional growth in adulthood.

TDI® for Corporates

Unlocking insights into employees’ innate traits to optimize team dynamics and enhance human resource strategies within a company.

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TDI® Assessment

43-Page Assessment
R 1756 or 4 Easy Installments of R439 each
  • Introduction
  • Personality
  • Communication Style
  • Learning Style
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Extra Curricular
  • Career Options

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