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TDI® for University & Tertiary

Expand Horizons by improving student guidance and streamlining administrative processes in higher education.

Expand Horizons

Xillo TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® revolutionises student support and career services at universities by providing personalised, data-driven insights into each student’s strengths, interests, and career paths. This innovative assessment enhances academic guidance, reduces administrative burdens, and fosters student engagement. By helping students identify their ideal courses and career paths, Xillo TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® improves retention rates and ensures students are well-prepared for the job market. Additionally, it equips university career centres with robust tools to support students’ personal and professional growth, leading to higher satisfaction and successful outcomes for graduates.

Supporting the Complete

Careers Journey

Enhanced Student Guidance

Xillo TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® provides data-driven insights into students' strengths, interests, and career preferences, helping universities offer personalised and effective career guidance. This tailored approach ensures students are better prepared for their chosen career paths.

Improved Retention Rates

By aligning students' courses and career goals with their intrinsic strengths and interests, Xillo TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® helps reduce dropout rates. Students are more likely to stay engaged and motivated when they are pursuing paths that resonate with their TrueSelf attributes.

Streamlined Academic Advising

Academic advisors can use TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® results to provide more precise and informed advice, reducing the time and effort required to guide students. This leads to more efficient use of resources and better student outcomes.

Enhanced Career Services

Universities can enhance their career services by integrating TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)®, providing students with comprehensive career development plans. This includes identifying suitable internships, job opportunities, and further education options tailored to each student's profile.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® provides universities with valuable data that can be used to analyse trends, measure the effectiveness of programs, and make informed decisions about curriculum development and student support services.

Meeting Accreditation & Standards

Implementing the TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)® helps universities meet accreditation requirements and educational standards by providing documented evidence of personalised student support and career readiness initiatives. This can enhance the institution's reputation and attractiveness to prospective students and parents.

TDI® assessment choices

We offer options for everyone.

TDI® for Teenagers
Unveiling innate strengths and learning styles to empower informed career decisions during the pivotal high school years.
TDI® for Adults
Empowering self-awareness and guiding decisions through innate traits, aiding personal and professional growth in adulthood.

TDI® for Corporates

Unlocking insights into employees’ innate traits to optimize team dynamics and enhance human resource strategies within a company.

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TrueSelf Discovery Identifier (TDI)®

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TDI® Assessment

43-Page Assessment
R 1756 or 4 Easy Installments of R439 each
  • Introduction
  • Personality
  • Communication Style
  • Learning Style
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Extra Curricular
  • Career Options

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